Monday, August 10, 2015

Grand Theft Archon

So it's been a while, and I apologize. My new job in RL combined with a new corporation in EVE that is shockingly active has left me with not much time to spare.

I puttered around for a bit and finally joined DART. That's Discrete Astrographic Reconnaissance Technologies... let's stick with DART. My first clue that these guys might be legit was the fact that they spelled "Reconnaissance" correctly, and didn't have a "." (period) anywhere in their name. So they automatically got a +1 right off the bat.

I joined and immediately found that not only were their member counts pretty much in-line with their legit active members, these guys are actually living in their hole.... full time! This was a whole new playground for me, and I hopped in like a monkey with a cheap fit Tengu and a scanning ship and started getting acquainted. Someone found a Paladin down the chain moving towards a HS exit, so we rushed in and tried to gank it but may have forgotten to bring neut support, and were unable to burn him down before his friends arrived. I promptly lost my cheap fit Tengu, racking up a nice 500M lossmail my first day in corp. Whoops. On the plus side, everyone else got out.

These guys are pretty solid, and for anyone looking for a decent PVP focused corporation that isn't afraid to take a fight and comes out on top fairly regularly, I highly recommend them. There is very little fumblefucking when someone finds something to shoot, and formups are fast and professional.

There's been a whole string of kills and some hilarious losses the past few weeks, and I'm not going to cover them all. You can check our KB if you're really that curious. One notable incident however, is more than worth writing about.....

 MrZang, haxxor elite was out scouting our chain when he stumbled into a C3 full of Russians. A further examination of the system revealed an Archon floating in a POS, just hanging there like a piece of delicious fruit just out of reach. Now, MrZang is a crafty and clever individual and this was thankfully during RU sleepy time, so he had plenty of time to work. He dropped his ship off at home, flew back there in his capsule and got down to making magic. Turns out, not much magic was needed.... comms exploded as Zang gleefully announced that he was inside their POS bubble on the first try, having successfully guessed their POS password and bypassed their elaborate maze of molotov cocktails and jury rigged AK-47 security.

Of course, we stole it. Because who wouldn't? Rahmiro flew over in his capsule, dropped right into their POS with their own foolishly set password, and moonwalked their shiny carrier right the fuck out of their POS to a safe. We performed the EVE equivalent of stripping it for parts and leaving it on cinder blocks in record time, and then Rahmiro self-destructed it for the insurance money in a glorious explosion heard from Moscow to Petropavlovsk.

Low-hanging fruit at the moment of destruction..... (Pic courtesy of Moreos)

Archon getting put up on cinderblocks.... (Pic courtesy Moreos)

Stolen carrier gets salvaged, moments after being self-destructed.......

All told, we made off with the entire fitting, including cap mods, 10 fighters, and misc drones and mods. Plus about 450M ISK, give or take for the insurance payout. Not bad for guessing a password!

Hey you fucking idiots...... DON'T SET YOUR POS PASSWORD TO YOUR CORP TAG!

Shout out to REX DISCORDIA ( for the free Archon!

(Seriously - they had their POS with a capital ship floating in it set to their corp tag. You can't make up stupid like that.)

Fly safe! o/

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wallet Warrioring Gone Wrong

So tonight marked the first night I have had any meaningful time to play in quite a while. I started a new job in RL and have been focusing my time and energy exclusively there for a bit while I get settled in.

I logged in, not much going on. I didn't particularly feel like starting the process of joining a new corporation yet, so I decided to do some hole diving in the area around Jita and see if I could pick a fight. I took my scanning alt out in a Cheetah and started looking for likely candidates.

When I go hole diving looking for a fight, it can go one of two ways - either I find a hole and sit somewhere, preferably on a connection within that hole to keep them from just jumping back to highsec, or I do a quick scan, see nothing and move on. This was a "do a quick scan and move on" kind of night.

I jumped into a moon-locked C1/HS with no activity, then a random C2/HS/C1 with no activity, and the third hole I found a shattered C3 Red Giant just 4 jumps out of Jita, in Oiniken. I jumped my scanner in, saw nothing from the entrance but noticed that some of the anoms and sigs were out of dscan range - so I warped to the far planet in the system and.... what is that? A Scorpion Navy Issue? What the hell.... those are almost as rare a sight as Nightmares in a WH. I think I've seen like.... maybe 3 in wormholes? Total? Ever? I of course got instantly erect and quickly tabbed out to log in Meza and get him moving towards Oiniken. I hopped in the ship I logged in with, which happened to be a buffer shield Phantasm. I briefly debate whether this is the right tool for the job, but it's the only ship I have fitted and ready to go that I am confident has enough DPS to take down the SNI. Thing puts out close to 600 DPS with Conflag and drones. I get Meza moving and tab back to my scanner to figure out what's going on.

I don't see any wrecks on d-scan.... in fact I see absolutely nothing on D-scan besides the SNI and 3x mobile depots, one of which was definitely not there a minute earlier. Dropping my D-scan range tells me that I am almost on top of him - he's within 1AU, and somewhere back the way I came - probably at a safe spot inline with the entrance and this far planet. I figure this is my chance - if he's refitting, he's probably going to have his face stuck in his fitting window for a minute and might not notice a brief combat probing. I tab over quick and keep Meza moving. Thankfully it's only 4 jumps, and he's quickly waiting in system at the nearest station, which is less than 1AU away from the WH entrance.

I decloak quickly and drop probes, setting them to 1AU range and centering them just a hair offset from myself back towards the WH entrance.... scan..... BOOYAH. All that time training perfect scanning skills on the alt pays off, and I get a 100% hit on the first pass. I quickly pull the probes and move Meza to the WH entrance.... I warp to the SNI's probe signature at 10km and tab over to jump Meza in during the brief warp, holding his cloak for the moment. I land 7km off the SNI, who is indeed sitting on his depot and almost perfectly in line with the distant bookmark that marks the WH entrance.... I hop over and initiate Meza's warp to my alt at 10km, which should put him almost directly on top of the SNI at roughly 3km. Assuming my calculations are correct.

Meza enters warp and I tab back to my alt for a quick look. Oh shit - the SNI pulls his depot and starts to rumble to life, ponderously starting his long alignment for the exit! But alas... the SNI is a fat, waddling beast and Meza lands almost perfectly at 3,000m right on top of him and a few seconds later the SNI is pointed, webbed, and taking conflag to the face. It puts up a futile resistance, it's torpedos and target painter barely scratching me while it quickly melts - it appears to be active tanked, but it's not holding up to the 500+ DPS of my phantasm. He eventually pops, and his pod follows him to Bobhalla immediately thereafter.

I quickly loot the wreck without really looking, scoop the corpse, and warp back to the exit - my phantasm has no cloak and no probes, so I'm not really looking to stick around any longer than necessary. I follow immediately with my prober, and only then do I realize what I just bagged.... Yeah - that's an almost-billion-ISK SNI, loaded with an odd mish mash of faction and non-faction mods. It's not a great fit, but it's not completely terrible either. I feel like it should have been harder to kill than it was, so I look up the pilot.... and discover that he is only 12 days old. Yeah - TWELVE. DAYS. OLD. Flying a billion isk faction battleship, in a wormhole. What the actual fuck?

I start to feel bad - was this some poor bastard who used mommy's credit card to buy a PLEX and blow it all on the most baller stuff he could find, and I just drove him away from EVE by blowing him up? But I remember the fit - and looking at it, I am more inclined to believe that it was an alt. I think it's a long shot to say that someone could fit a ship like that at 12 days old, or have the skills to look up a similar fitting along with the balls to fly something like that AND take it into a wormhole.

I'm still not sure - I added him to my watch list, but he had already rage logged by the time I added him and I have yet to see him back on. I'd like to talk to him and find out for sure - was he actually a noob and I made him rage quit? Was he an alt who decided to try and get some of that DANK ISK that he's heard WH space is bursting with? Or was he supposed to be bait or something and just arrived to the party before his friends did? Either way, it was a solid kill and realistically - I'd do it again regardless. Because Scorpion Navy Issue.

Fly safe! o/

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trials, Tribulations..... and Failure

Apologies for the delayed posting - it's been a busy, stressful, and downright demoralizing few weeks here!

First off, myself and several other people decided to leave Star Explorers / Reckoning Star Alliance. There are a lot of reasons which I won't go into here, but let's just call it a lack of activity issue and leave it at that.

We decided to form our own alliance, get our own hole, and strike off on our own.... thus forming the alliance known as the Midget Mangina Spelunking Society. Nice name right? Appropriate for an alliance founded upon the "I got these cheeeeeeseburgers man!" joke from Friday / Don't Be a Menace to South Central. We found a nice C4 Wolf-Rayet with C2 and C3 statics, and ended up recruiting the gentleman who lived there solo ratting in carriers to the alliance as well.

It immediately became apparent that things were going to be a bit more difficult. I spent the first few days getting alliance services set up - TeamSpeak, Slack, forums, etc. as well as moving into the new hole and getting things set up. I made it very clear from the beginning that I was planning on farming for a few days while getting things set up to recoup the costs of the POS, alliance creation, etc. and then I was going to begin recruiting and focusing solely on PVP, while the other two corps were more interested in primarily PVE with a side dish of PVP when they felt like it. While in theory this seemed like a good idea, it really was not - I spent much of my time the first few days sorting out "ratting rights" (what the fuck?) with the new guy who lived there solo ratting and his carriers and the other corp in the new alliance who came over from RSA and wanted to run sites in the C4 as well - despite the fact that we had both C2 and C3 statics for endless supplies of super easy ISK farming so long as you're willing to spend 5 minutes rolling the hole when necessary.

There wasn't enough structure, and it made coordination somewhat difficult - especially having people around we hadn't worked with before. There was a string of losses - some legit gudfites that simply resulted in being outgunned, like this: and as well as and - dat pod. Ouch. Apparently I forgot to swap back to a clean one after the few days I spent in HS between moving out of RSA and into the new hole.

There were also a few decent kills - and (ironically what we were ganking right before the Gila uncloaked and landed on us, resulting in my death and stupid expensive podding - note to self: BAIL OUT is sometimes just as legit a command as "PRIMARY GILA"... whoops. Terrible call on my part, lesson learned) and which was a pretty decent gank where things came together well - we missed his partner who initially tried to come back to save him, but quickly realized he was screwed either way and left his buddy to die.

Along the way, the guys in the other RSA corp had some expensive losses as well - a pair of Gilas to Sleepers, a Rattlesnake to gankers, and a Rokh and Naga in an attempt to 3rd party a fight between two other groups that spilled into our C4, among others. Being somewhat newer and not space-rich, they were starting to feel the pinch on their wallets and there was talk of one or more heading to nullsec for a short vacation.

I started to write a recruitment post on the Eve-O forums, and as I started to write it I realized something important - this was just the START of this project! There was going to be a lot more of this - writing / bumping forum posts, recruiting, doing API and background checks, keeping track of roles and security, keeping the towers fueled.... I am starting a new job in RL soon where I actually have to go into an office every day instead of working from home, so my play time is already going to take a hit. Did I really want to spend the majority of my play time dealing with this shit? To be perfectly honest.... HELL NO.

I don't mind some responsibility, but I can't take care of growing and running both a corporation and an alliance by myself. Or rather, I could - but I don't want to. The same way I can't be responsible for doing the majority of the scanning, bookmarking, scouting, and content creation for an entire "alliance" that allegedly has 100+ members and refuses to kick inactives.

I made the call to extricate myself immediately. I was already starting to get bitter about it, and long term that's not going to be good for anyone. Better to pull the plug early before anyone gets even more invested. I sent an evemail out to everyone, evac'd my stuff, and pulled down the POS and gave it to the other RSA corp instead of hauling it out to liquidate. I passed alliance executorship over to the other RSA corporation, and as of now am completely moved out and will be out of the alliance completely very soon. I did my best to keep it classy and stay on good terms with everyone instead of just saying "Haha fuck you guys, I'm out".

What's next for me? No idea - I start my new job on Monday and will move forward based on how much time I have available to play. I am leaning towards joining one of the medium+ sized wormhole PVP groups out there - if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Also, if you're in one of those corporations or alliances that actually does shit right and has active, involved leadership who are doing their jobs - give them a hug. Or a cookie. Or a handy. Or just say thanks - it's a LOT more work than it initially seems like!

Fly safe! o/

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MTU Massacre.....

Last night our C3 static had a NS connection to a quiet little backwater in Omist called L-AS00, held by an alliance called "Kids with Guns Alliance" who are apparently renters from Gentlemen's Club.

I could tell by Dotlan that there had only been 3 jumps in that system in the last hour, but more than 300 NPC kills just in the last hour and more than 5,000 in the previous 24 hours. Five THOUSAND npc kills? Holy carebear paradise batman. Turns out, that particular area / constellation is nothing but renters ratting their asses off - some of the systems nearby had more than 8,000 NPC kills in the past 24 hours.... yeah you read that right.

We rolled out in a 5 man frigate / destroyer gang with no logi and a lone Exequror Navy Issue to see what kind of tears we could harvest. On jumping into the system, it was absolutely empty - apparently the renters are Russians (imagine that!) and it was super early in the AM for them.

We did however see FOURTEEN mobile tractor units on d-scan, along with a huge pile of wrecks. WTF?? Who just leaves 14 MTU's laying around? I actually see this quite a lot in nullsec, and I have gotten into the habit of scanning them down and blapping them - generally, the owners cherry pick the good stuff and leave the rest but occasionally you get a few gems with deadspace or faction mods in them.

Clutter is nasty. Your space is your home, and you really shouldn't leave it such a nasty cluttered mess..... Bob likes tidiness, and this must not be allowed to stand. We brought in an alt to start probing the MTU's while we camped the single gate into the system, and shortly thereafter the massacre commenced. I'm pretty sure we got all fourteen of them - no faction drops, but at least the grid was reasonably cleaned up now. We roamed around that general area, not seeing much of anything but one system with a few russians in Rattlesnakes ratting away who immediately POS'd up and refused to play with us. Those guys love their bubbles - almost every gate in that constellation had 3-5 bubbles anchored on it, which was just fucking annoying.

We headed back to L-AS00 a bit dejected. But then, someone had a fantastic idea - there's a station just sitting there, obviously populated by renting carebears who care nothing about defending their space. Let's entosis that shit and see if we can provoke a response from someone in their alliance with some actual balls!

A few minutes after our entosis link started sucking away at their cloning services, a Caracal Navy Issue piloted by a member of their landlord alliance, Gentlemen's Club, appeared in system... AH HA! Mission accomplished! ..... or not. That single CNI was the sole response for the entire 10 minutes of us shutting down their jump clone service. He played station games and warpin/warpout games for a while, and we'd finally had enough of this carebear fantasy land. We finally just decided to kill him as the entosis link was finishing shutting down their cloning services, and a quick warp to the gate and a dictor bubble ensured that his pod joined his CNI in Bobhalla.

We headed back, annoyed that we didn't get more things to shoot at - but sated by our CNI kill and the legion of MTU's that we helped clean up. If you're ever in Omist during RU primetime, I'm pretty sure L-AS00 and it's surrounding constellation might provide you with some fantastic opportunities for wreaking havoc.... remember to do your part to help keep the grid clean, and purge the heretic MTU's wherever you may find them!

Fly safe! o/

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rolled out......

This morning started like most mornings. I logged in, d-scanned and looked over Tripwire to see what the chain looked like and see if any new signatures had popped up while having my coffee. Hohum, sure enough a new signature.... an UNKNOWN SIGNATURE if you will :)

I scanned it down, warped on over - lo and behold, an incoming C5 full of Russians. Shocking, I know. There was a fairly substantial amount of firepower on d-scan and a quick check of the killboards (thanks to the helpfully not-renamed capsule of one of the guys residing in the hole) showed me that Hard Knocks had dunked this same corporation during a capital escalation the previous day in a different hole, resulting in 2 dead dreads and 2 dead carriers. Ouch.

I decided this particular hole had to go - we already had 3 other connections, and to be frank I just didn't feel like messing around with it. I brought out "Baby Huey" - my higgs anchor rigged, super plated, 100mn AB hole-rolling Maller and warped to the incoming C5 at zero. Prop on, jump through.... oh look. A Megathron sitting on the opposite side at zero. It immediately started moving and warped away, so I just hit the AB and moseyed on back through. Thinking perhaps they were planning on rolling the hole also, I convo'd the pilot.

The pilot of course claimed that they were NOT planning on rolling the hole, which raised some alarm bells as to why they would have a battleship parked at zero on it unless they were either rolling, or looking for someone to shoot. (The BS pilot never even locked me, much less engaged) Another corp member had grabbed a second Maller to assist at this point, and we quickly knocked the hole down to crit, never seeing anything on grid on the hostile side. One more pass should finish it.....

Of course that's when disaster struck. I jumped into the hostile hole on what was supposed to be only the first leg of my outbound pass, and the hole collapsed behind me. Even better, there was now a hostile Caracal, Tengu, and Hound on grid.... and I landed less than 2k meter away from the Caracal. Shit. I didn't even bother doing anything but saying "gf" in local and kicking back to enjoy my express trip back to high sec. The sneaky Russians purposely left us alone while we were rolling, hoping that we would use a HIC to finish collapsing the hole when it went crit - and they were sitting there waiting to try and nail a juicy HIC, alone on the wrong side of a critted hole with no backup available - which is a much nicer KM than a T1 cruiser. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

That led to an eventful afternoon of running approximately 32j through a nice mixture of low and high sec trying to make it back to the LS static in our C3 connection, which I finally did.... about an hour and a half later. I ran through one of the biggest LS gate camps I have ever seen a few jumps out of Egghelende and made it out by the very skin of my teeth. I landed almost on top of a Panther and a Stratios camping a gate in Siseide, landing so close to them I came less than 1,000m from decloaking myself.

Finally, I made it back in. I think from now on, I will use alts to handle the bulk of the hole rolling duties......

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Hero Astero

I'm going to just come right out and say it - the Astero is my favorite "utility" ship for living in wormhole space. It's great for scouting and scanning, exploring, and can more than handle itself in a fight with a similar grade vessel or act as cloaky hero tackle for a ninja hole ambush.

This ship is a fantastic all-around utility ship because it's just so damn versatile. It can be fit in a myriad of ways, so for this brief article I am going to talk about my personal favorite way to fit it - the Ninja Hero Tackler.

[Astero, Ninja Hero Tackle]
Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

1MN Microwarpdrive II
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
X5 Prototype Engine Enervator

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Capacitor Control Circuit II
Small Semiconductor Memory Cell II
Small Anti-Explosive Pump I

Hobgoblin II x10
Hornet EC-300 x5

This is the fit that I run on my Astero probably 90% of the time. The bonuses to scanning on the hull make it a more than adequate scanning ship for scanning down signatures, and the covops cloak is a must-have. You can replace the Sisters probe launcher with a non-faction version if your wallet isn't feeling it but since this is the ship that I use every single day for scanning, the extra ISK for the Sisters launcher and Sisters probes is well spent for my purposes.

Since this is the hero-tackler version fitted to be able to ambush a ship from cloak and tackle it, I went for an MWD (for getting out of bubbles quickly), a warp scrambler (no need for a long point - ideally you will already be in scram range when you decloak, or getting there quickly by pulsing the MWD) and dual webs. Why dual webs? Because dual webs make it much more difficult for someone to burn back to jump range on a wormhole (or a gate).

The low has a DCU 2, a T2 small armor repper, and 2x drone damage amplifiers. I chose the DDA's over more tank simply because there are only 2 high slots, and I needed them for the cloak and probes - so all of my DPS is coming from my drones. If you're acting as cloaky hero tackle, you should be looking to hold down your target just long enough for the cavalry to land on grid, and then moving to disengage. This setup does NOT tank at it's maximum potential - it's completely realistic to get an active armor tank approaching or exceeding 200 DPS depending on your level of bling, and the use of drugs and off-grid boosts can increase that even higher. A Coreli A-Type deadspace repper is a perfectly viable alternative that is fairly cheap (around 20M at time of writing in Jita) and will give a nice boost to your tank, should you choose to spend the money. An Ancillary Armor Repper is also a viable option. If you're really in the mood to splurge and want more tank, replacing one of the drone damage amplifiers with a deadspace adaptive nano plate can give nearly the same resistance bonuses as an Energized Adaptive Nanomembrane II, but with the standard 0 CPU and 1 PG fitting requirement of nanoplates.

Like all setups, this one might not work for everyone - but for me, it fills the role of my every day scouting and utility ship perfectly. Did I mention the drone bay is HUGE? It can fit 3 full flights of light drones.... I usually pack 2x flights of Hobgoblin II's and a flight of EC-300's (ECM drones can help when it's time to disengage) but you should tweak this to cater to your own preferences and drone skills.

Fly safe! o/

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Proteus Down.....

Mornings like today remind me why I like W-space so much. The back story - I had some coffee, logged on and scanned down our new C3 static. There was 2 ore sites in it, and I had a few minutes to spare so I figured I would activate the ore rats and farm them quick before getting down to work for the day.

All was going well, I had some nice blue poo and was just picking up the last bit before going to switch out for a salvaging destroyer when.... SUDDENLY PROTEUS. He decloaked 8km from me, and apparently hit approach as I tried to align out. He scrammed and webbed me, and his first two blaster volleys took all of my shields, all of my armor, and about 1/2 of my structure.... ouch.

Unfortunately for him, he kind of derped by hitting approach instead of just sitting still. At 8km, he was already well within both scram and web range and if he had simply decloaked and blapped me, I would have gone down without so much as a whisper. But he didn't, and at this point he was less than 700m from me. I switched my trusty Confessor into defense mode, increasing my resists and lowering my sig and commenced to orbiting him at 500.

Now, my fit was rather odd. One of my hobbies is running into nullsec and scanning down MTU's and drones that people leave laying around everywhere, and popping them / stealing the drones. I haven't bought a single drone since I moved to the WH, I just steal them from nullsec - I have enough for my own use, and plenty to spare. To this end, I had removed the nos which is normally part of this pulse-PVP fit confessor and replaced it with a basic T1 cloaking device, so I can sit in null and use the combat probes to scan stuff down while cloaked, rather than doing it from a proper scanning ship and then having to come back to refit.

I was now orbiting him tightly, despite being webbed. I was well under his T2 medium blasters, and he was barely hitting me any more - and when he was, I was easily repping it away. My normal repper was running, and I was running my ancillary at the beginning as well, trying to get my armor back up to a reasonable level.

I scrammed him in return, loaded up the conflagration, and commenced to shooting him. This confessor with pulses does almost 380 DPS with conflagration.... nothing to scoff at, especially when it's being used against a buffer fit with no reps. It was chewing away at him but good.... his shields went down quickly, and I started to dig into his armor.

In the meantime, I had already called for help in alliance chat - I tabbed out quickly and hopped on TS, and the standing fleet was already up so the cavalry was called. Then disaster struck on my end. I had been pulsing my ancillary repper, but stopping it with 2-3 charges left and reloading it so that I didn't forget and cap myself out..... but apparently, I must have been high on adrenaline and forgot, because my cap went from 70% to zero like I just got hit with a rack of neuts. It was so fast, I assumed he was neuting me. My lasers shut off, my AB shut off, and the loss from the AB even while webbed was juuuuust enough for him to land a solid few hits on me, and BOOM.... I exploded just as my backup (A Blackbird, hastily refit to Gallente-specific ECM by Queloor Zefram, and a Stabber Fleet Issue piloted by Vantigan) landed on grid.

I warped my pod back to our connection, back to the POS, and reshipped to a pulse brawling Augoror Navy Issue.... those things are bad news. Right about 480 DPS with pulses, just over 500 with the small flight of drones, and close to 90k EHP with a pair of neuts. Not too shabby at all, possibly some of the best "value for ISK" in the class, considering how cheap they are. I warped back, landing on grid almost directly on top of him with a well placed warp to Vantigan, who was still busily shredding him with autocannon fire while Queloor perma-jammed him with the Brobird. I had just sicced my drones and started volleying him with pulses, when we see.... INITIATING SELF DESTRUCT. Oh hell no..... no way. Thankfully, it was already far too late for that Proteus pilot. My confessor had already taken him to 50% armor before all this even happened, so he wasn't going anywhere. He vanished in a fireball, and sadly neither Vantigan or myself were quick enough to lock his pod which escaped.

I only realized after the fact how hysterically badly I had derped.... I had a CAP BOOSTER fitted on my Confessor the entire time, with a charge of Navy Cap Booster 400 already loaded and 24 more in the cargo hold..... you can go ahead and :facepalm: now, I know I did. If I had used that cap booster, I have zero doubt that I could have easily solo'd that Proteus, even without the normally fitted NOS that I had removed to make way for a cloak.

All in all, it was a win - my Confessor was nice, but not extravagant and rang in at 81.9M on the killboard, including the value of the blue poo in the cargo hold. The Proteus rang in at a cool 577M, much of it due to a blingy Gistum 10MN MWD, which dropped and was promptly repurposed by Vantigan for his own Proteus fit. And I learned that I am nowhere close to being over "The Shakes" - also known as the massive adrenaline rush of combat, which apparently makes me do really dumb things like COMPLETELY FORGET I HAVE A CAP BOOSTER.... you can go ahead and :facepalm: again, I am still doing it every few minutes myself.

Fly safe! o/