Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MTU Massacre.....

Last night our C3 static had a NS connection to a quiet little backwater in Omist called L-AS00, held by an alliance called "Kids with Guns Alliance" who are apparently renters from Gentlemen's Club.

I could tell by Dotlan that there had only been 3 jumps in that system in the last hour, but more than 300 NPC kills just in the last hour and more than 5,000 in the previous 24 hours. Five THOUSAND npc kills? Holy carebear paradise batman. Turns out, that particular area / constellation is nothing but renters ratting their asses off - some of the systems nearby had more than 8,000 NPC kills in the past 24 hours.... yeah you read that right.

We rolled out in a 5 man frigate / destroyer gang with no logi and a lone Exequror Navy Issue to see what kind of tears we could harvest. On jumping into the system, it was absolutely empty - apparently the renters are Russians (imagine that!) and it was super early in the AM for them.

We did however see FOURTEEN mobile tractor units on d-scan, along with a huge pile of wrecks. WTF?? Who just leaves 14 MTU's laying around? I actually see this quite a lot in nullsec, and I have gotten into the habit of scanning them down and blapping them - generally, the owners cherry pick the good stuff and leave the rest but occasionally you get a few gems with deadspace or faction mods in them.

Clutter is nasty. Your space is your home, and you really shouldn't leave it such a nasty cluttered mess..... Bob likes tidiness, and this must not be allowed to stand. We brought in an alt to start probing the MTU's while we camped the single gate into the system, and shortly thereafter the massacre commenced. I'm pretty sure we got all fourteen of them - no faction drops, but at least the grid was reasonably cleaned up now. We roamed around that general area, not seeing much of anything but one system with a few russians in Rattlesnakes ratting away who immediately POS'd up and refused to play with us. Those guys love their bubbles - almost every gate in that constellation had 3-5 bubbles anchored on it, which was just fucking annoying.

We headed back to L-AS00 a bit dejected. But then, someone had a fantastic idea - there's a station just sitting there, obviously populated by renting carebears who care nothing about defending their space. Let's entosis that shit and see if we can provoke a response from someone in their alliance with some actual balls!

A few minutes after our entosis link started sucking away at their cloning services, a Caracal Navy Issue piloted by a member of their landlord alliance, Gentlemen's Club, appeared in system... AH HA! Mission accomplished! ..... or not. That single CNI was the sole response for the entire 10 minutes of us shutting down their jump clone service. He played station games and warpin/warpout games for a while, and we'd finally had enough of this carebear fantasy land. We finally just decided to kill him as the entosis link was finishing shutting down their cloning services, and a quick warp to the gate and a dictor bubble ensured that his pod joined his CNI in Bobhalla.

We headed back, annoyed that we didn't get more things to shoot at - but sated by our CNI kill and the legion of MTU's that we helped clean up. If you're ever in Omist during RU primetime, I'm pretty sure L-AS00 and it's surrounding constellation might provide you with some fantastic opportunities for wreaking havoc.... remember to do your part to help keep the grid clean, and purge the heretic MTU's wherever you may find them!

Fly safe! o/

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