Monday, June 8, 2015

Rolled out......

This morning started like most mornings. I logged in, d-scanned and looked over Tripwire to see what the chain looked like and see if any new signatures had popped up while having my coffee. Hohum, sure enough a new signature.... an UNKNOWN SIGNATURE if you will :)

I scanned it down, warped on over - lo and behold, an incoming C5 full of Russians. Shocking, I know. There was a fairly substantial amount of firepower on d-scan and a quick check of the killboards (thanks to the helpfully not-renamed capsule of one of the guys residing in the hole) showed me that Hard Knocks had dunked this same corporation during a capital escalation the previous day in a different hole, resulting in 2 dead dreads and 2 dead carriers. Ouch.

I decided this particular hole had to go - we already had 3 other connections, and to be frank I just didn't feel like messing around with it. I brought out "Baby Huey" - my higgs anchor rigged, super plated, 100mn AB hole-rolling Maller and warped to the incoming C5 at zero. Prop on, jump through.... oh look. A Megathron sitting on the opposite side at zero. It immediately started moving and warped away, so I just hit the AB and moseyed on back through. Thinking perhaps they were planning on rolling the hole also, I convo'd the pilot.

The pilot of course claimed that they were NOT planning on rolling the hole, which raised some alarm bells as to why they would have a battleship parked at zero on it unless they were either rolling, or looking for someone to shoot. (The BS pilot never even locked me, much less engaged) Another corp member had grabbed a second Maller to assist at this point, and we quickly knocked the hole down to crit, never seeing anything on grid on the hostile side. One more pass should finish it.....

Of course that's when disaster struck. I jumped into the hostile hole on what was supposed to be only the first leg of my outbound pass, and the hole collapsed behind me. Even better, there was now a hostile Caracal, Tengu, and Hound on grid.... and I landed less than 2k meter away from the Caracal. Shit. I didn't even bother doing anything but saying "gf" in local and kicking back to enjoy my express trip back to high sec. The sneaky Russians purposely left us alone while we were rolling, hoping that we would use a HIC to finish collapsing the hole when it went crit - and they were sitting there waiting to try and nail a juicy HIC, alone on the wrong side of a critted hole with no backup available - which is a much nicer KM than a T1 cruiser. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

That led to an eventful afternoon of running approximately 32j through a nice mixture of low and high sec trying to make it back to the LS static in our C3 connection, which I finally did.... about an hour and a half later. I ran through one of the biggest LS gate camps I have ever seen a few jumps out of Egghelende and made it out by the very skin of my teeth. I landed almost on top of a Panther and a Stratios camping a gate in Siseide, landing so close to them I came less than 1,000m from decloaking myself.

Finally, I made it back in. I think from now on, I will use alts to handle the bulk of the hole rolling duties......

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