Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trials, Tribulations..... and Failure

Apologies for the delayed posting - it's been a busy, stressful, and downright demoralizing few weeks here!

First off, myself and several other people decided to leave Star Explorers / Reckoning Star Alliance. There are a lot of reasons which I won't go into here, but let's just call it a lack of activity issue and leave it at that.

We decided to form our own alliance, get our own hole, and strike off on our own.... thus forming the alliance known as the Midget Mangina Spelunking Society. Nice name right? Appropriate for an alliance founded upon the "I got these cheeeeeeseburgers man!" joke from Friday / Don't Be a Menace to South Central. We found a nice C4 Wolf-Rayet with C2 and C3 statics, and ended up recruiting the gentleman who lived there solo ratting in carriers to the alliance as well.

It immediately became apparent that things were going to be a bit more difficult. I spent the first few days getting alliance services set up - TeamSpeak, Slack, forums, etc. as well as moving into the new hole and getting things set up. I made it very clear from the beginning that I was planning on farming for a few days while getting things set up to recoup the costs of the POS, alliance creation, etc. and then I was going to begin recruiting and focusing solely on PVP, while the other two corps were more interested in primarily PVE with a side dish of PVP when they felt like it. While in theory this seemed like a good idea, it really was not - I spent much of my time the first few days sorting out "ratting rights" (what the fuck?) with the new guy who lived there solo ratting and his carriers and the other corp in the new alliance who came over from RSA and wanted to run sites in the C4 as well - despite the fact that we had both C2 and C3 statics for endless supplies of super easy ISK farming so long as you're willing to spend 5 minutes rolling the hole when necessary.

There wasn't enough structure, and it made coordination somewhat difficult - especially having people around we hadn't worked with before. There was a string of losses - some legit gudfites that simply resulted in being outgunned, like this: and as well as and - dat pod. Ouch. Apparently I forgot to swap back to a clean one after the few days I spent in HS between moving out of RSA and into the new hole.

There were also a few decent kills - and (ironically what we were ganking right before the Gila uncloaked and landed on us, resulting in my death and stupid expensive podding - note to self: BAIL OUT is sometimes just as legit a command as "PRIMARY GILA"... whoops. Terrible call on my part, lesson learned) and which was a pretty decent gank where things came together well - we missed his partner who initially tried to come back to save him, but quickly realized he was screwed either way and left his buddy to die.

Along the way, the guys in the other RSA corp had some expensive losses as well - a pair of Gilas to Sleepers, a Rattlesnake to gankers, and a Rokh and Naga in an attempt to 3rd party a fight between two other groups that spilled into our C4, among others. Being somewhat newer and not space-rich, they were starting to feel the pinch on their wallets and there was talk of one or more heading to nullsec for a short vacation.

I started to write a recruitment post on the Eve-O forums, and as I started to write it I realized something important - this was just the START of this project! There was going to be a lot more of this - writing / bumping forum posts, recruiting, doing API and background checks, keeping track of roles and security, keeping the towers fueled.... I am starting a new job in RL soon where I actually have to go into an office every day instead of working from home, so my play time is already going to take a hit. Did I really want to spend the majority of my play time dealing with this shit? To be perfectly honest.... HELL NO.

I don't mind some responsibility, but I can't take care of growing and running both a corporation and an alliance by myself. Or rather, I could - but I don't want to. The same way I can't be responsible for doing the majority of the scanning, bookmarking, scouting, and content creation for an entire "alliance" that allegedly has 100+ members and refuses to kick inactives.

I made the call to extricate myself immediately. I was already starting to get bitter about it, and long term that's not going to be good for anyone. Better to pull the plug early before anyone gets even more invested. I sent an evemail out to everyone, evac'd my stuff, and pulled down the POS and gave it to the other RSA corp instead of hauling it out to liquidate. I passed alliance executorship over to the other RSA corporation, and as of now am completely moved out and will be out of the alliance completely very soon. I did my best to keep it classy and stay on good terms with everyone instead of just saying "Haha fuck you guys, I'm out".

What's next for me? No idea - I start my new job on Monday and will move forward based on how much time I have available to play. I am leaning towards joining one of the medium+ sized wormhole PVP groups out there - if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Also, if you're in one of those corporations or alliances that actually does shit right and has active, involved leadership who are doing their jobs - give them a hug. Or a cookie. Or a handy. Or just say thanks - it's a LOT more work than it initially seems like!

Fly safe! o/

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