Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wallet Warrioring Gone Wrong

So tonight marked the first night I have had any meaningful time to play in quite a while. I started a new job in RL and have been focusing my time and energy exclusively there for a bit while I get settled in.

I logged in, not much going on. I didn't particularly feel like starting the process of joining a new corporation yet, so I decided to do some hole diving in the area around Jita and see if I could pick a fight. I took my scanning alt out in a Cheetah and started looking for likely candidates.

When I go hole diving looking for a fight, it can go one of two ways - either I find a hole and sit somewhere, preferably on a connection within that hole to keep them from just jumping back to highsec, or I do a quick scan, see nothing and move on. This was a "do a quick scan and move on" kind of night.

I jumped into a moon-locked C1/HS with no activity, then a random C2/HS/C1 with no activity, and the third hole I found a shattered C3 Red Giant just 4 jumps out of Jita, in Oiniken. I jumped my scanner in, saw nothing from the entrance but noticed that some of the anoms and sigs were out of dscan range - so I warped to the far planet in the system and.... what is that? A Scorpion Navy Issue? What the hell.... those are almost as rare a sight as Nightmares in a WH. I think I've seen like.... maybe 3 in wormholes? Total? Ever? I of course got instantly erect and quickly tabbed out to log in Meza and get him moving towards Oiniken. I hopped in the ship I logged in with, which happened to be a buffer shield Phantasm. I briefly debate whether this is the right tool for the job, but it's the only ship I have fitted and ready to go that I am confident has enough DPS to take down the SNI. Thing puts out close to 600 DPS with Conflag and drones. I get Meza moving and tab back to my scanner to figure out what's going on.

I don't see any wrecks on d-scan.... in fact I see absolutely nothing on D-scan besides the SNI and 3x mobile depots, one of which was definitely not there a minute earlier. Dropping my D-scan range tells me that I am almost on top of him - he's within 1AU, and somewhere back the way I came - probably at a safe spot inline with the entrance and this far planet. I figure this is my chance - if he's refitting, he's probably going to have his face stuck in his fitting window for a minute and might not notice a brief combat probing. I tab over quick and keep Meza moving. Thankfully it's only 4 jumps, and he's quickly waiting in system at the nearest station, which is less than 1AU away from the WH entrance.

I decloak quickly and drop probes, setting them to 1AU range and centering them just a hair offset from myself back towards the WH entrance.... scan..... BOOYAH. All that time training perfect scanning skills on the alt pays off, and I get a 100% hit on the first pass. I quickly pull the probes and move Meza to the WH entrance.... I warp to the SNI's probe signature at 10km and tab over to jump Meza in during the brief warp, holding his cloak for the moment. I land 7km off the SNI, who is indeed sitting on his depot and almost perfectly in line with the distant bookmark that marks the WH entrance.... I hop over and initiate Meza's warp to my alt at 10km, which should put him almost directly on top of the SNI at roughly 3km. Assuming my calculations are correct.

Meza enters warp and I tab back to my alt for a quick look. Oh shit - the SNI pulls his depot and starts to rumble to life, ponderously starting his long alignment for the exit! But alas... the SNI is a fat, waddling beast and Meza lands almost perfectly at 3,000m right on top of him and a few seconds later the SNI is pointed, webbed, and taking conflag to the face. It puts up a futile resistance, it's torpedos and target painter barely scratching me while it quickly melts - it appears to be active tanked, but it's not holding up to the 500+ DPS of my phantasm. He eventually pops, and his pod follows him to Bobhalla immediately thereafter.

I quickly loot the wreck without really looking, scoop the corpse, and warp back to the exit - my phantasm has no cloak and no probes, so I'm not really looking to stick around any longer than necessary. I follow immediately with my prober, and only then do I realize what I just bagged.... Yeah - that's an almost-billion-ISK SNI, loaded with an odd mish mash of faction and non-faction mods. It's not a great fit, but it's not completely terrible either. I feel like it should have been harder to kill than it was, so I look up the pilot.... and discover that he is only 12 days old. Yeah - TWELVE. DAYS. OLD. Flying a billion isk faction battleship, in a wormhole. What the actual fuck?

I start to feel bad - was this some poor bastard who used mommy's credit card to buy a PLEX and blow it all on the most baller stuff he could find, and I just drove him away from EVE by blowing him up? But I remember the fit - and looking at it, I am more inclined to believe that it was an alt. I think it's a long shot to say that someone could fit a ship like that at 12 days old, or have the skills to look up a similar fitting along with the balls to fly something like that AND take it into a wormhole.

I'm still not sure - I added him to my watch list, but he had already rage logged by the time I added him and I have yet to see him back on. I'd like to talk to him and find out for sure - was he actually a noob and I made him rage quit? Was he an alt who decided to try and get some of that DANK ISK that he's heard WH space is bursting with? Or was he supposed to be bait or something and just arrived to the party before his friends did? Either way, it was a solid kill and realistically - I'd do it again regardless. Because Scorpion Navy Issue.

Fly safe! o/

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