Monday, August 10, 2015

Grand Theft Archon

So it's been a while, and I apologize. My new job in RL combined with a new corporation in EVE that is shockingly active has left me with not much time to spare.

I puttered around for a bit and finally joined DART. That's Discrete Astrographic Reconnaissance Technologies... let's stick with DART. My first clue that these guys might be legit was the fact that they spelled "Reconnaissance" correctly, and didn't have a "." (period) anywhere in their name. So they automatically got a +1 right off the bat.

I joined and immediately found that not only were their member counts pretty much in-line with their legit active members, these guys are actually living in their hole.... full time! This was a whole new playground for me, and I hopped in like a monkey with a cheap fit Tengu and a scanning ship and started getting acquainted. Someone found a Paladin down the chain moving towards a HS exit, so we rushed in and tried to gank it but may have forgotten to bring neut support, and were unable to burn him down before his friends arrived. I promptly lost my cheap fit Tengu, racking up a nice 500M lossmail my first day in corp. Whoops. On the plus side, everyone else got out.

These guys are pretty solid, and for anyone looking for a decent PVP focused corporation that isn't afraid to take a fight and comes out on top fairly regularly, I highly recommend them. There is very little fumblefucking when someone finds something to shoot, and formups are fast and professional.

There's been a whole string of kills and some hilarious losses the past few weeks, and I'm not going to cover them all. You can check our KB if you're really that curious. One notable incident however, is more than worth writing about.....

 MrZang, haxxor elite was out scouting our chain when he stumbled into a C3 full of Russians. A further examination of the system revealed an Archon floating in a POS, just hanging there like a piece of delicious fruit just out of reach. Now, MrZang is a crafty and clever individual and this was thankfully during RU sleepy time, so he had plenty of time to work. He dropped his ship off at home, flew back there in his capsule and got down to making magic. Turns out, not much magic was needed.... comms exploded as Zang gleefully announced that he was inside their POS bubble on the first try, having successfully guessed their POS password and bypassed their elaborate maze of molotov cocktails and jury rigged AK-47 security.

Of course, we stole it. Because who wouldn't? Rahmiro flew over in his capsule, dropped right into their POS with their own foolishly set password, and moonwalked their shiny carrier right the fuck out of their POS to a safe. We performed the EVE equivalent of stripping it for parts and leaving it on cinder blocks in record time, and then Rahmiro self-destructed it for the insurance money in a glorious explosion heard from Moscow to Petropavlovsk.

Low-hanging fruit at the moment of destruction..... (Pic courtesy of Moreos)

Archon getting put up on cinderblocks.... (Pic courtesy Moreos)

Stolen carrier gets salvaged, moments after being self-destructed.......

All told, we made off with the entire fitting, including cap mods, 10 fighters, and misc drones and mods. Plus about 450M ISK, give or take for the insurance payout. Not bad for guessing a password!

Hey you fucking idiots...... DON'T SET YOUR POS PASSWORD TO YOUR CORP TAG!

Shout out to REX DISCORDIA ( for the free Archon!

(Seriously - they had their POS with a capital ship floating in it set to their corp tag. You can't make up stupid like that.)

Fly safe! o/

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